Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in one bag?

One bag contains just 100 calories.


Can I buy them online?

Yes, you can purchase them here.


How long does delivery take?

We aim to have all orders posted within 2 working days. However, we are a small business, and at times orders may take slightly longer. Please bear with us, your support means a huge amount to us, and makes a big difference :)


Do you deliver internationally?

At the moment, we only ship within the island of Ireland. However, we hope to offer international delivery soon.


Can I return my order?

We accept returns on any faulty products, or incorrect orders.


Do Nutri Jellies taste like regular jellies?

Yes, we even think they taste better! We spent 3 years developing our formulation and making hundreds of trial batches, to ensure our products have the same delicious taste as regular jellies, without all the bad stuff!


How do Nutri Jellies taste so good whilst being so low sugar?

We spent 3 years researching to find the best ingredients for our products. Taking such time & care with this process has enabled us to develop jellies which are high-protein, low-sugar and lower calorie, whilst also being free from any artificial flavours OR colours! 


What health benefits do Nutri Jellies offer?

They are high-protein, low-sugar, high-fibre, and contain no artificial flavours OR colours! They contain collagen which can help with recovery, and are much lower calorie than existing jellies on the market.


How many packets can I eat in a day?

As our products are high in fibre, we do not recommend eating more than 1/2 packs per day. We also do not recommend eating more than 1 pack at a time. Fibre is essential for gut health and helps digestion, but too much fibre at once can cause stomach discomfort.


Can Nutri Jellies help me to lose weight?

In order to lose weight, you should be in a calorie deficit. Our products are significantly lower in calories than traditional jellies, which may make it easier to be in a calorie deficit. Nutri Jellies are also high in protein and fibre, which can help you feel fuller for longer. This may help you to eat less calories throughout the day.


Are Nutri Jellies vegan?

No. Our products contain gelatine and collagen. If you would like a vegan version of Nutri Jellies, please get in touch!


Are Nutri Jellies vegetarian?

No. Our products contain gelatine and collagen. If you would like a vegetarian version of Nutri Jellies, please get in touch!


How are Nutri Jellies different to normal jellies?

We taste just as good, whilst also being high protein, low sugar, high fibre, low fat, and lower calorie - all whilst containing no artificial flavours or colours! 


What are the benefits of gelatine & collagen?

There is a lot of emerging research showing that gelatine and collagen can positively impact our skin, ligaments, tendons & much more. Research has also shown they positively impact recovery in athletes. More info can be found in the following academic articles: &


What size is each pack?

Each bag weighs 50g.